TOOLping 2

TOOLping is MAC OS X application which allows you to monitor any host (device) in your network. It periodically sends small messages to your defined hosts and waits for replies. If some of your hosts doesn't reply, TOOLping will alert you with visual notifications, sounds or even emails!

Application doesn't require any software to be installed on hosts, because it uses ICMP network protocol, just like ping utility!

Some of the main features of TOOLping 2:
• Add as many hosts as you want
• Add hosts by hostname or IP address
• Send email alerts when hosts become unreachable or reachable
• For each host you can customize ping period, packet size, timeout and threshold when host can be assumed unreachable
• You can get statistics as pings sent, pings received, pings failed, success rate, average response time, minimum response time, maximum response time and last response time
• Show unreachable hosts count on application Dock icon
• Bounce Dock icon when hosts become unreachable
• Play sound alerts when hosts become unreachable
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